Sunday, 26 February 2017

Beetroot, apple and pear juice

Juice has had a rollercoaster few years in the eyes of the public.

Jump back a little while and everyone was like OH MA GAAAAD juice has so much sugar in and sugar is our enemy and no one should drink juice any more!

But then. Then all these other juices popped up that were like *adopts posh low drawl* YAH well actually guys this is a cold-pressed vegetable juice full of gross things like celery so it is actually healthy yah.

And so juice made a comeback.
My issue with juice is that it's so bloody expensive, both to buy prepared or make yourself. For one glass of juice you usually need about five pieces of fruit or veg which gets pricey. And I also hate food waste so having to throw away the pulp kinda kills me.

That said, juice is so darn delicious and a great way to give yourself an easy health boost.
I don't know about you, but when I'm hungover recovering from a slightly boozy night, I tend to go one of two ways: either all I want is carbs, fried carbs and cheesy carbs.

Or I'm like ALLLL da fruits and veg and nourishment pls.

And when I'm in the mood for the latter, this here juice is a cracker. It's sweet without adding anything artificial, super flavoursome, totally refreshing and v revitalising.
It also matched my nails right now so that's extra fun.

This juice somehow feels more substantial than others and it's thick too, which I love.

Using beetroot as well as apples and pears means you're getting both a fruit and veg hit, and keeping costs down by using cheaper ingredients. I buy the pre-cooked beetroot for minimal effort too because I'm a lazy so and so.

I've been using the Panasonic MJ-L500 slow juicer, which is one of the most practical juicers with which I've ever played.
It takes up minimal space and has two very clever-designed chutes for the juice and pulp. The juice one has measurements too so you can see how much you've made. Useful.

I'm not sure why it's called a slow juicer as it's in fact incredibly quick and easy to use - it is, however, a bit of a faff to wash up all the parts, but such is always the case with juicers.

I find dropping ingredients in the top and watching juice miraculously come out strangely therapeutic and satisfying.

This serves two - I inevitably have drunk it all myself in my time but it is a lot of juice for one person.


3 small apples
1 large pear (I used a Comice)
4 cooked (and peeled) beetroots


1. Chop all the fruit and veg into small enough pieces to fit in the juicer - no need to peel the apples or pear.

2. Juice them!

3. Pour into glasses (over ice if desired) and enjoy the sweet and delicious taste of health.

This post is sponsored by Panasonic as part of their #ExperienceFresh campaign.

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