Sunday, 19 February 2017

Bottomless bubbly Indian brunch at Cinnamon Soho

The prospect of Indian food for brunch may sound a little odd if you're thinking of classic British Indian dishes like chicken tikka masala and chicken korma, but one of my favourite things about London is how many authentic Indian restaurants there are.

Well, what I think is authentic anyway - I'm not Indian nor have I ever been there, but I love places like Dishoom and Talli Joe, neither of which have a korma in sight.

And so I think Brits are now realising that there's a lot more to Indian food than some of us had previously been led to believe, and yes, it can be a smashing brunch choice. Especially if you're brunching at 12 ergo it's essentially lunch.

Billed as "fresh, seasonal Indian cookery, with a quirky British twist," I was looking forward to visiting Cinnamon Soho to sample their new 'sparkling Sundays' offer of bottomless prosecco or mimosas with brunch.
The lovely Anna and I arrived at noon to find we were the only ones in the restaurant for a while - by the time we left, however, many hours and many mimosas (well, bucks fizzes really because we're British, but that's harder to pluralise so you'll forgive me for my Americanism) later, the place was packed.

It was quite dark for the middle of the day and as such the restaurant had more of a dinner than brunch vibe to me, but I liked the mismatched bulbs hanging from the ceiling and the random tandem bike on the wall.

The soundtrack to our brunch was somewhat eclectic - there was both Adele and salsa, but we enjoyed it.
Naturally, we kicked things off with mimosas, but I was dismayed to find neither the coconut water nor the freshly-squeezed juices on the menu were on offer. We ordered a tea and a non-fresh juice but unfortunately had to prompt the staff who had seemingly forgotten them.

Our food, however, came exceptionally quickly.

The menu is divided into parathas, Soho plates and sides. We weren't really sure how big anything was going to be but figured it best to err on the side of caution and order generously.
Anna and I both had the tandoori chicken malai tikka - it wasn't what I was expecting (I'd imagined a curry), but it was absolutely divine. Perfectly cooked chicken.
 My favourite part of the meal, however, was without a doubt the peshwari naan. Just look at it!
It was absolutely stuffed with nutty goodness, soft, warm and sweet.

We got some greens on the side for, ya know, health and whatnot. They were fine.
And I had the 'Bollyflower cheese' paratha - it looks just like a thin flatbread-type thing, but was actually stuffed with a thin layer of cauliflower cheese. Ingenious! I loved it.
Yes, it was quite a lot of food, but a Soho plate alone would not be enough to constitute a meal. And brunch is meant to be two meals anyway, obvs.

We sipped our mimosas as we chatted and munched and the restaurant filled up.
The finishing touch to the meal was a proper masala chai tea, which took me straight back to my time in Malaysia. Yum.

Whilst it wasn't the best service I've ever had in a restaurant, the food really was faultless and at the end of the day, that's the most important part of a brunch in my opinion. And anyone who disagrees is, quite frankly, wrong.

Anna and I were guests at Cinnamon Soho but all opinions are my own.

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  1. The Chai tea, my favourite drink ever hehe.


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