Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Brunch at Ben's Canteen, Battersea

Ben's Canteen serves possibly my favourite type of food. And d'you know how I would describe that type? Delicious. 

Having visited for dinner a couple of times, I'd been thoroughly wooed by their burgers. But I was absolutely desperate to brunch at Ben's.

I seem to be getting into a habit of making my way over to Clapham/Battersea for brunch and then slowly ambling my way back to Brixton on a leisurely Saturday or Sunday. It's fun.

Ben's Canteen was buzzing when I arrived. Almost as buzzing as I was to be there. (Srsly, you should follow them on Insta as then you'll be the same.)

I went to their Battersea branch which has a fun, relaxed, friendly vibe - most conducive to brunching, I'm sure you'll agree.

My pal Alex and I sat ourselves down and prepared to satisfy our rumbling tummies.

The brunch menu at Ben's is so fabulous that I wanted to order just about everything. Sadly, however, eating five meals in one sitting is apparently a) frowned upon, and b) unhealthy, so I restrained myself.

Because Alex is a functioning human and not a borderline alco like me, he ordered a smoothie and I followed his lead - we both went for the tropical one.
Ngl, it tasted pretty much solely of pineapple but I for one am a big pineapple fan so this was cool with me.

Then it was time for the main affair.
I ordered the courgette and sweetcorn fritters and sweet lord, I bloody loved them.

Clearly deep-fried, they were super crisp outside and soft inside.
They were served with a perfect poached egg, halloumi (my fave), and sticky, sweet tomato chutney.

It was a decent-sized portion although I totally could've done with more halloumi. But then again, when do I ever not want more halloumi?

There were many textures and flavours which was particularly enjoyable given my our choice of sides.
We had the smashed avo with feta but it was actually more like guac - I am very particular about this because I LOVE smashed avo and don't particularly like guac because of the tomato. Blergh.
Unsurprisingly I also couldn't resist the cheesy hash browns. They were GREAT! Big, chunky delights. Why do people not add cheese to hash browns more? You should.
For his part, Alex had the burrito. He enjoyed it and said all the flavours really complemented each other well, although it could've been improved by more chorizo.

I love the crockery at Ben's too - trendy but a little bit kitsch.

To be honest it was one of the best brunches I've had in a long time and I'm already desperate to go back.

Alex and I were guests at Ben's Canteen but my opinion is unbiased and I will totally return and pay myself.


  1. Your courgette and sweetcorn fritters look epic! Yummy!

  2. The fritters look so good!! The best food is always deep fried

  3. I love Ben's Canteen! The sweet corn fritters are to die for. One of my favourite brunch spots in London for sure :)

    Colleen x | blondeacrossthepond.com


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