Im Now Officially Working Girl Well


Yes, as of now, I am employed. And very excited about it too. I’m now working in my local Italian restaurant – but we’re not talking deep-pan pizzas here (why does everything with me seem to come back to pizza?), it’s very swanky, fancy-shmancy food… In all the Michelin guides and what not So I reeeaaally didn’t wanna mess up my first shift – and Lordy was I nervous about starting the Saturday before Christmas – as I’d been wanting a part-time job for yonks. Last year I never seemed to have time (bit of a pathetic excuse, I know), and last term I was focussing my efforts on my Uni applications (fingers crossed that’ll actually pay off!), but next term should be a bit quieter, and I could MAJORLY do with some income from a more reliable source than the odd babysitting job. Although, babysitting has got to be THE BEST job out there: getting paid for sitting on someone’s sofa, watching their TV and eating their food… Hell to the yeah! But now being the waitress that I am, I cannot wait to have a bit more dosh in my (Primark-but-doesn’t-look-it) wallet, so I can, ahem, start saving for very important things (slash but preeeetty things for myself and feed my handbag addiction! C’mon… You know you’d be the same.)

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To make matters worse, who did I happen to be waiting on for my first table of the night? Only one of the senior teachers at my school! I could not for the life of me believe it. I was half expecting him to enquire about my UCAS applications along with what the foie gras is served with (no joke – they really were serving foie gras. I told you it was snazzy!)But overall, the night didn’t go too badly I like to think. I dropped a few forks, said I’d get a man some port and then found out the restaurant don’t do port, and managed to get on the wrong side of one of the other waitresses: she was not impressed with me for accidentally putting still water in a bottle that should have had sparkling. Quelle horreur!After a bloody long six hours on my feet, my back, hands and legs were aching much more than I’d expected, but I was pleased with myself. And apparently the boss was pleased enough too – I’ve got two more shifts this week! Yippee! So let’s hope I learn the ropes quickly, as I hate being the one who doesn’t know what’s going on, or how the complex systems work.I’m actually blogging from my iPhone at the moment as I’ve got such a hectic schedule these days! Clever technology eh?


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