Ooh who doesn't love a bit of spreading the blog love? I, unsurprisingly, love reading blogs, and here are some of my faves:

Hannah Gale

Refreshingly honest, Hannah's blog is one which every British girl in their 20s will be able to relate to. Hilarious listicles, thought-provoking insights and practical advice all feature prominently, and her writing style is so fantastic and charming it's hard not to wish this lady was your friend.

Deliciously Ella

Ella's blog is a go-to when I need some healthy-eating inspiration. It's a beautiful blog full of delicious recipes, and - get this - they're all free from gluten, dairy, sugar, meat and all refined and processed ingredients. Ella is also totally glam and gorgeous, which is probably testament to her super healthy diet.

Minimalist Baker

Head to Minimalist Baker for the most delicious vegan, gluten-free recipes that look so delish you'll want to make them even if you don't care about healthy eating.

Hand Luggage Only

One of my fave travel blogs, these guys go to the most incredible places and also seem like super down-to-earth, lovely people.

Top With Cinnamon

Izy's blog is one of the biggest and best-known food blogs in the UK. Her writing style is so much fun and her food photography fantastic.

This Rawsome Vegan Life

Just the most beautiful collection of raw, vegan recipes that are so amazing you forget they're raw and vegan.

World of Wanderlust

Brooke travels the world for a living and shares all the best bits on her beautiful blog. Her photos are fab and she also shares brilliant travel tips and advice. I'm fairly certain anyone who reads World of Wanderlust will start itching to pack their bags and hop on a plane!

Bombay Rose

Ambi and I were both student bloggers while at Bristol and her beauty blog is just divine. I love her "Friday Favourites" every week (you guessed it, on Fridays), where she reveals what she's currently loving.

La Lingua

I've never met Lucy of La Lingua, but I can't help but feel I know her now. An Exeter languages graduate, we went on our years abroad at the same time and I loved reading her posts all about life in Italy.

Katie's Kitchen Journal

Katie and I went to school together, but I'd love her blog even if I didn't know her. Yummy recipes, INCREDIBLE photos (top notch food styling) and a pretty blog too.

Auburn Antics

Guess what!? I went to school with Emily of Auburn Antics too! Just like Katie, her food photography is amaaaazing, and she mixes up gorgeous recipes with fun lifestyle posts.

Lottie's Little Kitchen

Yup, another foodie blog. Lottie's Little Kitchen is fab - great recipes and beautifully written. She also seems like a total babe. What more do you need?

Have I missed any of your faves? Do send me the links!


  1. Thank you so much Rachel, I'm so happy to be included on such a brilliant blog's blogroll and with such prestigious company too! Btw I had no idea your sister was at Exeter?? If you come and visit, let me know! xxx

    1. Yes she does French and Spanish so you may even have crossed paths! I definitely shall :) X


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