I tell you what, I LOVE it when readers get in touch with me about my blog, whether you want to ask me a question, send me something lovely or generally just say hi (nice messages only please - in the words of many a wise mother: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.)

And oh, am I spoiling you with methods of contact! You can drop me an email at (but please only use this email address to contact me in my blogger capacity, not in relation to my work at The Independent) or find me on twitter, facebook or Instagram. Take your pick!

A quick word about product reviews - I'm 100% happy to try out new things (who wouldn't be!?), but just because I'm sent something does not mean I shall necessarily blog about it, and I'll never say anything I don't mean. Granted, I'm a ridiculously positive person, but I shall only ever be honest. Word.


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