Work Placements and Internships

Settling into my intern life in Brussels.

My top tips for work experience - getting a placement and getting the most out of one.

My work experience at Sky News

My work experience at ITV News

An interns take on internships

Being a social media intern

More! magazine fashion work experience - it begins!

More! mag fashion work experience: celebs, kissing and freebies!

Week two of fashion work experience at more! mag: fashion shoots!

Finishing my work experience at more! magazine

Fashion work experience at a London based national women's weekly magazine

My work experience in The Daily Telegraph fashion department

My first-hand experience of London Fashion Week

Pre-fashion week excitement and nerves


My new job at Time To Log Off

Planning my Third Year Abroad - Part 1

Planning my Third Year Abroad - Part 2: Applying to be an English Language Assistant

Planning my Third Year Abroad - Part 3: Getting a Job

The torture of waiting to hear back from a job interview

Writing for the Huffington Post

The problems, pros and cons of working as an au pair

I'm now officially a working girl! Well, a waitress...

Other Career-Related Musings

I'm speaking at Social Media Week

All I want for Christmas? My dream career.

Are social networks hindering our degrees and work?

How social media can (hopefully!) help you get ahead in your career.

Being proactive and featuring in Glamour magazine

My live Sky News interview about the Diamond Jubilee Concert

Super ambitious students - how valuable is a degree?

How social media can help you get into fashion journalism

Fashion Media short course - London College of Fashion

Inspiration and Interviews

Grazia10 Meet The Newsmakers: An inspiring evening with Mishal Husain, Christina Lamb, Emily Maitlis, Sue Turton and Jayne Secker.

Tea with Phoebe Gormley, founder of Gormley & Gamble

No. 1: Tanya Goodin, Pioneering Digital Entrepreneur

No. 2: Fiona Cairns, Luxury Cake Maker

No. 3: Ashley Turner, editor and founder of lifestyle blog, Pink Julep

No. 4: Kelly Allen, News Editor for Star Magazine

No. 5: Alison Perry, Freelance Magazine and Digital Editor

No. 6: Roohi Hasan, Senior Producer for ITV News

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