The Art Of Embracing Your Inner Freak


Essentially, this is a little blog post by me about a long blog post by the oh-so-fabulous, George Lizos. George is a fellow blogger, student and musical lover like yours truly, and although he doesn’t blog that frequently, when he does post, you can count on a well-researched, fascinating, though-provoking and epic article. So can you imagine how flattered I was when George approached me and asked if he could interview me for a piece he was working on? Well, of courseĀ I said yes! My first interview simply because someone was interested in my thoughts. How exciting. Reading it back, out of everything I said, I think what sticks in my mind the most is “I only exercise so that I can eat cake!” It’s true. I would not lie about cake.

Mind Your Head Signage

How cute is this banner George made for his article?

George has written an incredible article all about self-acceptance and “letting your freak flag fly”, and I’m honoured to have been a part of it. He’s also written some extremely kind words about me which is super heart-warming, as like everyone else, self-acceptance hasn’t come easily. And you can read all about that in his piece. I’m happy not to be “normal” (whatever that is) and absolutely love my life as it is, and that’s what George and I discussed. However, not only has George paid me a huge compliment with this article, he’s also written some fabulous advice about learning to accept, love and be proud of who you are, so I really recommend having a read if you’ve ever had issues with that. And c’mon… Who hasn’t?the lovely GeorgeAnd whilst your there, why not have a browse round George’s blog? He is followed on Twitter by both Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. Just sayin’.Read George’s blog here and follow him on Twitter here.


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