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A few weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely lady called Claudia who, after reading my blog post on ways to decorate a student room, asked me if I might like to try out some stickers from TrendsFashionStyle’s TileArt collection – naturally, and as a lover of budget ways to jazz up interiors, I jumped at the opportunity.

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Pretty, no?

There’s quite a range of stickers from which to choose in various patterns, colours and designs, but I have to say they’re not all my style (they may be right up your street though – have a look here.) However, I do really like these pink flower ones in particular:

Pretty Pink Flowers

According to TrendsFashionStyle: “Adding a new style to your bathroom or kitchen can be done in seconds with the use of new decorative and unique tiles stickers. The stickers provide a fresh new look without having to retile the space from scratch” and I’d say that’s thoroughly spot-on! The stickers are meant to be used in kitchens and bathrooms – I suppose it’s in the name, really: TileArt – but ever the maverick, I decided to try something different. Initially, I did stick up my pretty pink flowers in the family bathroom, but realistically, they don’t go with our blue colour-scheme (Miranda Priestly voice: “Blue? In a bathroom? Groundbreaking.*”) and the parents probably wouldn’t be too thrilled. Not to worry though, as the TileArt stickers are re-usable hoorah! So, yours truly pootled back to her bedroom and re-stuck the flowers on to her wardrobe door. I really like them there, and so that’s where they shall stay.

On My Wardrobe

The stickers came in a pack of four, each identical and 12.5×12.5cm square (but they’re round). Personally, I would’ve preferred four slightly different variations – perhaps a couple of smaller flowers to mix it up. That said, if you want to use your stickers to create a regular pattern, identical stickers may be preferable. You can’t please everyone, can ya? Well, not entirely anyway.

A Pic From Tileart

The best thing about the stickers is how quick and easy it is to apply them. No faffing around with tools or annoyance at getting an air-bubble and being stuck (if you’ll pardon the pun) like that. The instructions provided weren’t the most helpful due to them being in what I think is Israeli, but that didn’t matter in the slightest. You just peel the stickers off and stick them on to your tile. Re-peel and re-stick to your heart’s content (or until they lose their stickiness anyway.)


Stickers like these are great for those of us who may have less-than-interior-magazine-worthy bathrooms, but lack the funds to completely transform them. Add a few wall stickers and hey presto! A somewhat jazzier room is yours in a flash. They’ll also hide a multitude of sins should you need to cover up marks/cracks. The stickers are made from special waterproof vinyl which means they should withstand the inevitable moisture of bathrooms or kitchens. Smart. A slight negative for me is the fact that the colour around the flower on each sticker is slightly off-white, which means they don’t blend in as subtly to our white bathroom tiles and my wardrobe doors as I’d have liked. But from afar it’s really not noticeable.

And actually, that’s probably a factor unique to the ones I used – most of the others are circular designs in themselves so don’t have a background. Overall, TileArt wall stickers are a cheap, easy, stylish way to add some flair to your kitchen or bathroom (or bedroom in my case), and as a more-is-more kinda gal, I’m extremely happy with the extra character they add to my room. No-one wants boring, plain walls, and stickers like these are a fab way to get creative. Browse the rest of the range and if you like them, buy your own on Amazon here – £4.10 for a pack of four stickers. Think you’ll give them a try?


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