A Day In Cambridge


Cambridge is one of the UK’s biggest tourist attractions, and it’s not hard to see why. The beautiful River Cam, quaint cobbled streets and, of course, the historic University of Cambridge make it a lovely destination for a day trip. Which is precisely what we did today. I’ve visited Cambridge quite a few times, but before today, I hadn’t been back since the day of my Cambridge interviews. Yes, I am an Oxbridge reject. Everyone knows how much I love being a Bristol student, but I can’t deny feeling a little mixed towards Cambridge today. The colleges are amazing, steeped in wonderful history which I love. As we wandered round today, I couldn’t help myself comparing everything with Bristol. Isaac Newton? Whatevs, Bristol has David Walliams. And we’re allowed to walk on our grass. Nope, not bitter at all. Being the middle of August, Cambridge was unsurprisingly swarming with tourists today. And although it was cloudy we still had a wonderful day.

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First stop, a spot of Cambridge cliché with punting on the River Cam. There are various punting companies vying for the punters’ (HA!) business, but we went with Scudamores and they were great. Reclined on tartan blankets in our punt, we had a 45 minute trip down the Cam, thus getting fabulous views of the backs of many of the Cambridge colleges. We dodged the ducks and the other punts, and weaved our way under the bridges and back, all while being told all sorts of interesting facts about Cambridge by our punter, David. Other companies offer punts to rent that you manoeuvre yourself, but given how unappealing the water appeared, we though it best to go with a profesh. Punting over, it was time for a picnic lunch and then a mosey into the town. We strolled through the market.

Is it soap? Or is it a tea party? (It’s soap.)

My absolute fave. So addictive.

We strolled around a bit further and stumbled across the Cambridge Satchel Company’s shop. It is beeaaaauuutiful in there. I love my satchel, and use it all the time, but I honestly wanted so many of them in there. The satchels are all beautifully presented, and the shop assistants were lovely. These things really make a difference as far as I’m concerned. In the store, I discovered Cambridge Satchel Company are offering free embossing every weekend in August, and so I am SO annoyed I didn’t have my satch with me today. The offer isn’t just on new satchels bought in store, and is apparently going on in all the CSC’s stores, so I’m going to have to try and change my plans to make sure I get to a store with my satchel before August is over. Go, go, go! On we went, moseying through Cambridge’s pretty streets, past buskers, boutiques and so many cute cafés. Next up, we had a look round this arts and crafts fair:

How cool is this? You can make your own cake stand! WANT.

On we went, stopping by Hardy’s Sweet Shop to peruse the fab retro sweeties. Rhubarb & custards are my faves – what about you? Hardy’s also stock a lot of American goodies, and it pleased me greatly to find my beloved Vanilla Coke Zero – whenever I find it, I just have to buy a can. America has all the best flavours. It’s not fair. A little further on, we discovered a beautiful boutique called Lilac Rose, which is exactly my kinda shop. Jewellery, gifts, clothes, accessories, homey bits and bobs… I loved it, and recommend a visit.

I love all this.

Don’t you love discovering boutiques? I never waste my time visiting chain shops when I’ve only got a few hours somewhere. It’s much more interesting to find things you don’t have at home. The heavens soon opened and we took shelter in a chocolate shop. You’re not surprised, are you? After a molten chocolate shot – definitely my kind of shot – we felt strong enough to venture out into the rain. And just like that, it was time to head home. Not before visiting the Fudge Kitchen, mind. Whenever I’m in Cambridge (or Bath, or Windsor, or any of their other cute locations), I always stop by for a cheeky sample and to watch the fudge being made. I think they only employ lovely, friendly staff too, which is always nice.

Don’t mind if I do!

Chocolate orange fudge setting.

Now I’m writing it up, it’s occurred to me that we had rather a lot of sugar over the space of just a few hours. Well, I guess I needed it to sweeten the painful memories of my rejection. Didn’t even want to go to Cambridge Uni anyway. It worked out for the best, really. If I’d gone to Cambridge I would definitely have gained three stone in fudge.


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