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After my glorious morning brunching and browsing in Notting Hill, I shimmied over to Oxford Street for a spot of retail therapy.Not only do I have zero time to shop when in Brussels, but I also massively miss the British high street. There’s nothing quite like it. And with limited time in London, there was nothing for it but to hit up Oxford Street on a Saturday afternoon. Am I completely mad My first stop was Primark. Yup, I’m definitely mad. I managed about ten minutes in there before deciding it was too horrendous (packed with hot, sweaty people rummaging through piles of clothes in search of a £3 T-shirt) and seeking refuge in the far more pleasant Russell and Bromley.Heeeeey pretty bagsFrom there I made my way down Oxford Street stopping off at most of my faves. Naturally, I made a detour through Selfridges food hall. Obviously I wasn’t going to do anything crazy like buy something but it’s still interesting to look (and eat free samples of course.)

Cooked Foods on Wooden Plate

Another thing I’ve realised living in Brussels is that toiletries are ludicrously expensive. 8€ for a deodorant? I think not. So I duly raided Boots.I also stumbled upon this little side street which I’d never noticed before… Super cute, huh?It may not be British, but I’m a big fan of Forever 21 – it’s stylish, really affordable, and if you can’t shop there when actually 21, when can you? I would quite like to be forever 21 come to think of it.Treated myself to this cute top and a new sundress.Awkward changing room mirror selfie – check.The top is loose, floaty and silky. It’s a beautiful shade of blue that will complement a tan gorgeously, it’ll keep me cool through the summer and is just about smart enough to wear to work. Then there’s this itsy bitsy sun dress: another flowy number, it’s the type of dress that makes you want to go skipping through fields of daisies. Just don’t skip too highly or else you may just expose a little more than you’d like. But if you can’t wear mini dresses when young, when can you?Realising my shopping time was running out, I decided I needed to prioritise: to Topshop it was!Although I could spend hours in Topshop’s flagship, I needed to be efficient. My feet were aching but there was no time for a sit down – this was power shopping. Not too long later I emerged with a lovely new pair of trousers (yup, the very ones a couple of photos up, but here’s Topshop’s pic…)

Skinny (what else?) but high waisted and cropped, thus perf for summer. I love high waisted trousers as they squeeze everything in, and the floral print on these is too cute. Again, totally going to be a new addition to my work-wardrobe. These are the Moto Floral Pastel Joni Jeans, and you can buy them online here – be sure to get your student discount like I did!I must’ve been in blue mode. But then again, I’m only ever in blue or pink mode (and always in floral mode.)Feeling shopped-out but super happy with my purchases, it was off to the West End to meet my mum, brother and auntie for dinner.We went to Soho Joe, right in the heart of theatre-land.It’s rather trendy, full of cool young things looking for an alternative to the likes of Pizza Express and Zizzi but without being forced into their overdrafts.What’s more, you order and pay at the bar in one go, thus meaning you don’t have to wait ages for the bill at the end.It’s not the most glamorous of restaurants but has a lovely relaxed vibe, little candles on every table. Quote my mum: “It’s too dark! I can’t see anything!” Luckily she could just about see enough to check out the menu.Jamie-the-Londoner-brother recommended we all go for pizzas. So we did.First up though, we shared warm pitta bread, houmous and olives. Yum! And we’d barely finished when our pizzas came out.

They were goooood.Really big, cheesy and cooked to perfection. I went for the Napoli which was chicken and roasted red pepper. Pizza perfection, really.Though only brief it was so nice to catch up with the famalam. Alas, I had to dash though. To the theatre!Yup, I was off to see the play Jeeves and Wooster.In the little Duke of York’s theatre, I had a great time. The play is a comedy, full of slapstick and silly situations. Amazingly, there are only three actors in the cast – you may know Robert Webb from your teleboxes. He’s often in there doing funny things.Jeeves and Wooster is clever, entertaining and a fun way to spend an evening. What’s more, the front of house staff in the theatre were utterly charming and super friendlyAfter the show, Georgie and I finished off an awesome London day having a couple of drinkies with her work friends.Pink Champagne and Pimm’s were my beverages of choice. Because I’m that kinda galDrinking my first Pimm’s of the year in a traditional pub in London’s West End was a great way to get a dose of Britishness while home.Aaaaaand then it was home to bed to get some rest before the next day’s adventures. Phewf London, you’re great, but shopping and eating and theatre-watching and drinking don’t half take it out of a girl! It’s a hard life, I know.


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