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After a few weeks away, I was looking forwarded to going back down to Bristol (my uni city) enough as it was, so imagine my delight to find a brand shiny pink new cupcake place had opened up! And what’s more, it’s relatively close to my house for the next academic year, although I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing really. Located on Cotham Hill, just off Whiteladies Road (taking over what used to be Deli Delish), apparently the shop/café has been open for about three weeks now. Bristol definitely isn’t in short supply of quaint cafés offering every type of baked good that could take your fancy, but as far as I’m aware (and trust me, I know my cake places), Lilly & Boo’s is the only one dedicated to cupcakes. About time. I imagine (and hope) that they will be a huge success, particularly when all the students come back in the autumn. The world has been crazy for cupcakes for a few years now, and I reckon they’ll be in fashion for a long time to come. Remember when macaroons and whoopie cakes popped up on the baking scene a few years ago, and everyone was like “These are the new cupcakes”? Well they weren’t, were they? No. It’s all about the cupcake. Yay!

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Lilly & Boo’s has a really cute feel to it – its interior is as sweet as the cupcakes! Not only do the cakes look fantastic, they are really yummy too. Both my brother and sister couldn’t handle all the icing (they claimed there was too much – pah!), but the more icing the merrier, in my opinion. I loved them! Quelle surprise. Someone was a bit excited… Understandably so. They have an array of delicious flavours, such as chocolate peanut butter, marshmallow popcorn, and white chocolate & raspberry – I was spoilt for choice! Adding an extra dimension to the adorableness of these cupcakes is their names, such as Jimmy Shoes, The Velvet Elvis and The Mr Big. What’s not to love? White choc & raspberry, caramel & hazelnut, chocolate peanut butter An individual cupcake costs £2.20, but then you can get better deals if you buy more. With new specials coming out every day, I know where I’ll be spending my time between lectures at uni this year! Um, no, not the library.


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