My Best Bargains In Sales So Far


Well, ladies and gents – I had been hoping to find nice pictures from the respective high street store’s websites from whcih I’ve snapped up some pretty things in the sales, but unfortunately, none of them are on the websites. So what does that tell you? Internet shopping is lame (as afore mentioned by yours truly) and if you really want to see what’s out there, you gotta get off your sofa, brace yourself, and get searching/rummaging/fighting for the best reductions. So what did I manage to find? I actually bought two Rare party dresses – one from Topshop, and the other from New Look. The Topshop one is covered in gold sequins, bodycon, with black mesh sleeves, chest and back. It was a steal at £20 (reduced from £45, I think), and I got a further 10% using my trusty student discount.

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Ahh, I hear you thinking “But the party season is over now…” That may be true, but I’ve been invited to a January party to which the theme is “sparkle”, and let me tell you now – this dress definitely sparkles. The New Look one was even more of a find at a mere tenner! I couldn’t believe my luck. It’s also a party dress – purple, brocade, strapless… totalement jolie! (Yes, any avid readers of my blog will recall my saying in an earlier post that I didn’t want ANOTHER purple party dress, but realistically… would you have passed up this opportunity? I think not.) Anyhoo… I do have another occasion coming up that calls for a gorge dress, and this one is just perfection. SUCCESS! I always find the sales a good time to buy your underwear, ladies (and probably gents, too, for that matter). On a student budget one can’t always afford La Senza, or even Topshop actually (they’re pretty pricey, but oh-so-cute!), but in most places I visited on the high street, the lingerie was all around 50% off, if not better!

So there’s no excuse not to be looking sexy under all those layers this winter.

I bought two fahbulous pairs of flats in trusty Topshop too (alright, alright… yes, I had a bit of a spree). One littel pair of floral print booties, and some other cosy mocassins – at £20 and £8 respectively. Pretty sweet deals, no? Miss Selfridge also had many a student-friendly discount going on, along with River Island, H&M and Zara. So, dear friends, my advice to you is to embrace the sales! Go forth and get more for your money! Hit the high street and don’t look back! I tell you, when I came home and tried on all my purchases again… I was so happy (again with the materialism/consumerism… I know). And there was absolutely not a whiff of shopper’s guilt, as I knew I’d got such great deals.


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