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‘Lovely’ and ‘wonderful’ are two of my favourite adjectives. I am also a fan of books and women.With that in mind, when I was emailed about The Lovely Book for Wonderful Women the title alone was enough to get my attention, and I was more than happy to do a little review. The book’s aim is to inspire happiness which just so happens to be one of the things I set out to do with my blog too. What a perfect match, eh?The Lovely Book for Wonderful Women (which I’ll refer to as TLBFWW from now on) is a little illustrated book by Lehla Eldridge, who I’m told lives up a hill in Italy. I must say that sounds rather lovely indeed.The book is small and only takes about five minutes to read cover-to-cover but it’s the type of book that makes a lovely present. That said, I also think it’s a cracker of a loo book. You know, the books you have by the loo, which you just dip into for a minute or two while you’re doing your business. Don’t pretend you don’t have loo books too…

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Perhaps when you’re having a bit of a pants day and are feeling a bit rubbish, a quick flick through TLBFWW may just be what’s needed to lift your mood and allow you to head on out of the loo ready to take on the world once more! Ah, the restorative powers of a loo trip, eh?”It is full of lovely things to make you smile, laugh, relax and have a good day because you are a wonderful woman.” Thank you so much, YOU are a wonderful woman too!The book is full of pretty pictures and little tips to help you appreciate life. Let’s take a peek inside at some examples:

  • “Write a love letter… even if it is to yourself.”
  • “Buy yourself some new underwear.”
  • “Marvel at what another woman can do.”
  • “Visit an old friend and share stories.”
  • “Perform random acts of love and kindness.”
  • “Sing out loud…”

Granted, there’s nothing in there that makes me go, “OMG I’d never thought of that! This is going to change my life!” But even if it doesn’t actually affect your actions, it might just bring a smile to your face.And d’you know what? If you know a wonderful woman who perhaps doesn’t realise quite how wonderful she is, receiving TLBFWW might just make her day and help her to do so. Even those of us who seem the most confident need to be told we’re wonderful once in a while.The Lovely Book for Wonderful Women really is lovely and I’m very grateful to have had a sneak peek. From 7th May you can get yourself a copy for £6.99 here. Have fun being wonderful!


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