Tricks To Slip Exercise Into Your Daily


This guy is not only ironing and getting fit, but he’s clearly having a ball

The party season is upon us. We’re all rushing around like lunatics trying to get everything ready for Christmas, keep on top of our work and go to all the festive social engagements possible. How is there possibly time to exercise? You must be thinking. Well, my latest article for has come at the perfect time to solve your dilemma. I’ve found 9 easy peasy ways of fitting exercise into your daily routine – they’re so simple you won’t even realise you’re doing them! And here’s an extract for all my lovely blog readers: “Whether it’s a lack of time, motivation or money that’s preventing you hitting the gym, don’t despair at your squidgy cheeks and dive into the Malteasers for comfort! Try these simple ways to sneak exercise into your daily routine – you’ll barely notice you’re doing anything different, and could be in your best shape yet come Christmas (mince pie, anyone?)

1. Take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator. Going up two extra flights of stairs every day could result in losing 6lbs in a year. You’ll also be toning up your legs and bum without realising. Could there be a simpler way to shift the puppy fat?

2. Walk instead of getting the bus and if it really is too far, just get off a couple of stops early. Regular walking reduces your risk of all sorts of health problems, from strokes to coronary heart disease. Plus, it’s free, so you’ll be saving money and getting fit at the same time.

3. While watching TV, get up at every advert break and do a few squats/sit-ups/press-ups. If you’re watching X Factor , you’ll be as toned as Nicole Scherzinger herself by the finals*!

4. Have a catch up stroll with friends rather than meeting in a café. Or at least go for a stroll first… Nowadays, we all spend far too much time on our backsides – whether at your desk, in a lecture, or just on the sofa – but purely by standing up your body burns three times as many calories as when sedentary.” If you liked those four, do be a babe and click on through to read another five super handy hints! Thanks. Oh, and click the “like” button to if you, er, like it. I know, I’m not exactly promoting myself subtly, am I? But a wannabe journo has to do what she can, and I appreciate everyone and anyone who reads what I write. Seriously. You, reading my blog, right now. Thanks.


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